Solon Ohio Car Insurance
Solon Ohio Car Insurance
Solon Ohio Car insurance

The Solon Insurance Agency is a full-service insurance agency offering insurance coverage for automobiles, homes, and families in Solon, Ohio. We also provide coverage for business needs. Contact us today for a free quote! You can also find out how much car insurance costs in Solon, OH.

Minimum liability coverage

In Ohio, you're required to carry liability coverage in the event of an accident. This coverage pays for damage to another person's property or vehicle in the event you cause it. It doesn't, however, pay for injuries to you or your passengers. Aside from liability, you should also consider purchasing medical payments insurance (MedPay) to help pay for medical bills. This coverage can help you pay your medical bills until you can get reimbursement from the at-fault driver.

In Ohio, the minimum liability coverage you need to drive a car is $25,000 in property damage. You can, however, raise this limit to a much higher number if you choose to have more coverage. Typically, this limit is not enough to cover the replacement cost of a typical car, so you'll need to have bodily coverage as well.

You should always compare quotes from several companies before choosing a policy. Having an auto insurance policy will help you get your car back on the road quickly if you get into an accident. It will also protect you from expensive medical bills and legal fees if you're at fault. And if you're driving an older car, you can save money by raising your deductible and dropping high-cost coverages.

If you're a homeowner in Solon, Ohio, you should get home insurance, which can protect your home and your possessions from non-weather accidents. And you can get renters' and condo unitowners' insurance, which covers your personal items. You can even save money if you combine your car insurance and renters' insurance policies with State Farm.

In Ohio, the minimum liability coverage required by law is $25,000/50/25. This amount is high enough to cover the costs of hospitalization, but if you cause multiple injuries, you'll soon exhaust the limit. You can increase this limit with modest premium increases. Additional coverage provides more protection for your assets and your passengers.

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, you may have to purchase additional insurance coverage to protect your assets. This is a legal requirement, and you may have to pay hefty fines if you don't have the necessary coverage.

Average cost of car insurance in Solon, OH

The average cost of car insurance in Solon, Ohio is about $620 per year for adults. The rates are higher for young drivers (16 to 24) and seniors. The rates can vary, though, depending on your driving history and location. To save money on your car insurance, make sure to shop around before you buy.

First, consider how much coverage you need. While the minimum coverage required by law is low, it may not be enough in the event of a major accident. You may want to consider buying additional coverage, such as Medical Payments coverage, to cover medical expenses of other drivers and passengers in your car.

You can also save money by comparing the rates for the same make and model of car. The best way to do this is to call as many different insurance firms as possible and compare their quotes. You can even lower your premiums by raising your deductibles or dropping high-cost coverages if your car is older. You should also take a look at your insurance company's financial stability. If their loss ratio is less than 50%, it means they paid out fewer claims than they earned from premiums.

Other factors that affect your auto insurance rates include age, gender and marital status. While males tend to be more expensive than females when they're young, the gap between the sexes is closing. Additionally, your ZIP code can affect your rates. Some ZIP codes in Ohio are more expensive than others, while others are cheaper than others.

If you're traveling for business, a compact car may be the right choice. If you're planning a long trip, consider an SUV or minivan. These vehicles provide ample space for passengers and are safe for the driver. While an economy car is perfect for the city, compact or luxury car may be more convenient.

While Ohio does not have a government-sponsored insurance program for low-income drivers, you can still get lower auto insurance rates by shopping around for the best rates. You can also lower your rate by establishing a good driving record.

State Farm

If you're in need of auto insurance in Solon, Ohio, State Farm has an affordable plan for you. They have a variety of coverage options for every type of driver, from new drivers to business travelers, and even collectors. The company is the largest in the nation and can help you save money by combining your auto and home insurance policies. Jan Mignogna can help you find the best policy for your needs.

State Farm also offers a mobile app for your smartphone. With an average 4.7-star rating on Google Play and the App Store, the app lets you make payments, see your ID card, file claims, and more. It even offers roadside assistance services and rental car reimbursement options. If your car breaks down, State Farm will reimburse you for the cost of a rental car.

If you're a student, you can save money by enrolling in State Farm's Drive Safe & Save program. You can get a student discount of up to 20%, and you can save even more money if you're over 25. The company also has a Steer Clear(r) program, which rewards safe drivers with a 20% discount on their car insurance premiums. You can also bundle your car insurance with other State Farm products to save even more money.

State Farm has a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau. In fact, the BBB has given them an A rating. However, reviews of State Farm car insurance have been mixed. The company has received complaints from a number of customers, but most customers are satisfied with their insurance experience. Regardless of whether you choose to buy auto insurance from State Farm or another company, make sure that you're getting the best coverage you can afford.

You can find affordable car insurance in Solon, Ohio by comparing quotes. Many companies offer insurance coverage for your home and property. Some of these policies are designed to cover damage from storms, accidents, and other natural disasters. If you're concerned about the security of your home, you can protect it with renters insurance or homeowners insurance.


If you're looking for affordable car insurance in Solon, OH, you can find it by comparing quotes online. You'll get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. You can even find a policy that offers extra benefits, such as a free 1-800 number to call with questions or concerns.

Ohio is home to a number of great attractions. From sports events to world-class zoos, the state offers something for everyone. No matter what you like to do in your free time, auto insurance in Ohio can protect you in the event of an accident. Nationwide Car insurance Solon Ohio includes features such as Accident Forgiveness and Roadside Assistance, so you can make the most of your time in the state.