Car Insurance in South Russell Ohio
Car Insurance in South Russell Ohio
South Russell Ohio Car insurance

Car insurance in South Russell, Ohio is regulated by law. By law, drivers must carry a minimum of liability insurance to protect themselves and other drivers. A liability policy in South Russell must cover at least $12.5/25/7.5 in medical payments. The second number is the amount of coverage for other drivers in case of an accident.

Employment in South Russell, Ohio car insurance industry

If you're looking for employment in the car insurance industry in South Russell, Ohio, you've come to the right place. The Ohio Insurance Institute has a comprehensive workforce development program that aims to develop future talent in risk management through college programs. The program also works to dispel misconceptions about the industry and provide opportunities for advancement in the field.

Income inequality in South Russell, Ohio car insurance industry

There is a huge gap between the cost of car insurance premiums in the white and minority neighborhoods of South Russell, Ohio. This disparity amounts to a subtle form of redlining. Traditionally, redlining has meant denying service to areas with a low-income population. In many cases, these disparities make it difficult for people of color to afford the increased payments.

The state of Ohio is no exception. Its income inequality is more pronounced than that of the rest of the country. Last year, the wealthiest one percent of households earned 21.5 times as much as the poorest ninety-nine percent. This is a staggering difference compared to the state's income distribution in the 1970s.