Car Insurance in Columbus OH – How to Find the Cheapest Rates
Car Insurance in Columbus OH – How to Find the Cheapest Rates
Columbus Ohio Car insurance

There are several companies that offer car insurance in Columbus, OH. The cheapest company is GEICO, but you may also find cheaper coverage with State Auto, Liberty Mutual, and AARP. The costs of coverage requirements vary greatly among the companies, so it is important to shop around. The best way to get the best coverage for the lowest cost is to find the best Columbus OH car insurance company for your needs.

GEICO offers the cheapest car insurance in Columbus

GEICO is known for providing its customers with the cheapest car insurance in Columbus, Ohio. Its policies are designed to fit the needs of the average customer. GEICO customers pay an average of $1,043 per year for insurance. For drivers in their 50s, the average cost is $1,075.

Geico has some good policies for young drivers and seniors. Their average rate for full coverage insurance is $1,257, which is $281 lower than the next-cheapest insurer, State Farm, and $819 less than the state average. Another benefit of Geico's insurance policies is that your credit score is not a factor in their rates. Drivers with poor credit tend to have a high risk for making claims, which makes them more expensive to insurers. Poor credit drivers pay an average of $698 more for full coverage auto insurance than those with average credit scores.

Geico offers a variety of coverage options, including standard coverage, rental reimbursement, and mechanical breakdown coverage. The company also has a program called DriveEasy, which rewards policyholders for completing activities such as driving safely. Using DriveEasy can also lead to lower insurance rates.

In general, car insurance is a necessary expense for drivers, but it is a difficult task to find affordable coverage. WalletHub enlisted the help of experts in Ohio to get a better understanding of how to find the best insurance policy for your needs.

State Auto

State Auto Insurance Columbus Ohio offers a personalized personal auto insurance plan that covers liability and medical payments. You can customize your coverage to fit your lifestyle, and you can even choose what discounts apply to your policy. The company also accepts customers who've been with another carrier for at least six months. You can also enroll in the company's Safety 360deg program to track your driving habits and save money.

The company was founded in 1921, and today offers auto insurance in many states, including Ohio. It has over two billion dollars in assets and provides services to over 3,400 independent agents and clients. There are regional corporate offices located in Indianapolis, Nashville, and Austin, as well as the Columbus office. You can find a local agent through the State Auto website.

State Auto has won several awards for its service and innovation. Most recently, it won the 2009 Eagle Award from the Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana. In addition, the company received the 2008 Big "I" Eagle Award from the Ohio Professional Insurance Agents Association. Today, the company has offices in more than twenty states, including California, Texas, and Michigan.

The company's roots began modestly with three employees in a downtown Columbus office. Pein wanted to improve the claims process by partnering with independent insurance agents. In the 1950s, he expanded the company's coverage by offering fire and inland marine insurance in Ohio. He also expanded into the South by purchasing the Dixie Fire and Casualty Co. He also bought the Southern Home Insurance Co. In the 1960s, the company expanded into Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia. State Auto also began providing health insurance. In addition to car insurance, it bought Columbus Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Liberty Mutual

If you're in the market for Columbus Ohio car insurance, you should consider comparing rates from several companies. Liberty Mutual, for instance, offers a variety of discounts and benefits to drivers. Their RightTrack program, which helps drivers stay safe on the road, can save you as much as 30% on your premiums. Liberty Mutual also offers discounts for families with multiple cars. In addition, you can save money by paying your premiums automatically or in installments. For added convenience, you can even get an extra discount if you pay online or receive email statements from your insurer.

Both Liberty Mutual and Nationwide are Fortune 100 companies, so they have the experience, credibility, and resources to back their claims. However, before choosing between the two, you should look at all of the details and compare rates to determine which is best for you. For instance, do they offer the same coverage? If so, do you need more coverage than what the Liberty Mutual Columbus Ohio car insurance plan offers?

Founded in 1898, Liberty Mutual has expanded its reach since its founding. Its goal is to enhance the lives of people around the world. The company gives money to nonprofit organizations that fight injustice and support the poor. The foundation has two areas of focus: Seattle and Dallas. They also offer multi-year program contributions and capital gifts for nonprofit organizations.


You may want to consider AARP Columbus Ohio car insurance if you want to lower your monthly premiums. Unlike some other car insurance companies, AARP will not raise your rate due to an accident. This is a valuable benefit that will protect you financially in the event of an accident. AARP is committed to enhancing the quality of life for older people in Ohio. It has over 1.5 million members in the state and works to improve the community through advocacy efforts and community service.

AARP car insurance quotes are available online. You can easily manage your policy, pay your premiums, and get an electronic auto ID card. You can also get information about discounts and claims. Many customers are satisfied with their coverage and discounts. However, some have complained about AARP's customer service.

Other benefits of AARP auto insurance include the availability of new car replacement coverage. In the event that you become unable to drive your car due to an accident, AARP will give you a new car of the same value. This is important because new cars tend to depreciate quickly. In addition, AARP offers roadside assistance, if you ever need it.

AARP also offers insurance through its parent company, The Hartford. Both AARP and Hartford offer perks and discounts for senior drivers. AARP car insurance is less expensive than many other major insurers. It also offers a ten percent discount for members.

State Farm

If you're thinking of getting car insurance in Columbus, Ohio, consider State Farm. It offers several insurance policies that suit different budgets. It also offers comprehensive and collision coverage. While the first two may sound like basic coverage, they can make a huge difference when it comes to your monthly premium.

State Farm is a well-known household name. They are one of the largest personal auto insurance companies in the country, and they have two safe-driving programs. One of the programs is for teens, while the other is for adults. Both programs are designed to teach drivers about safer driving habits and save money. The insurance company's insurance premiums are among the lowest on average for minimum coverage, but it's also one of the most expensive in the state when it comes to full coverage.

Drivers with speeding tickets usually pay higher rates because they're considered higher risk by insurers. In fact, a speeding ticket can raise the average auto insurance premium in Ohio by over $1,400. But State Farm's minimum coverage rate for these drivers is still $700 less than the state average. This makes it the most affordable option for young drivers in Ohio.

State Farm Columbus Ohio car insurance is the cheapest company for minimum coverage in Columbus. The company is $110 cheaper than the next-cheapest company, Westfield. You should be aware that your rate may vary depending on your age, driving history, and other factors. It's always important to compare several quotes before making a final decision.

Ray Insurance

Ray Insurance is a fourth-generation family-owned company that serves the Columbus area and the surrounding communities. The company specializes in personal insurance, life insurance policies, and professional liability plans. Since 1923, Ray Insurance has been in the insurance business. Owner Joe Ray IV oversees all professional liability plans. He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Upper Arlington.

The company has helped over three thousand people in the Columbus area and works with several carriers to provide affordable insurance. Insurance plans are available for motorcycles, snowmobiles, commercial vehicles, and boats. The company offers a number of different types of insurance policies to suit the needs of all customers. For more information, visit the company's website.

Liability insurance is mandatory in Ohio, but you may want to consider medical payments coverage if it is available for your vehicle. This type of insurance covers medical expenses and partial payments for lost income. Ohio car insurance can be expensive, but it can help provide stability and peace of mind. It also offers MedPay, which makes it easier to continue your medical treatment even when you have no fault coverage.

It is important to understand what types of coverage you need. Although you can get a minimum coverage policy at a low price, you'll pay a higher premium in the long run. Increasing your liability limit protects more people and property in the event of an accident. A liability limit of $25,000 is not enough to cover the replacement cost of a typical car. If you're looking for a lower monthly premium, you can raise your deductible or drop certain coverages to lower the premium.